Dartford Greek Taverna Resturaunt

It was a Friday afternoon after the pub and we had a school theatre performance to get to that evening. Time was short and we needed something local to sate us for the evening ahead. A friend of ours had a taste card that that gives her and friends up to 50% discount in many local and independent restaurants, and one of these was the Dartford Greek Taverna restaurant. This is a local place I have passed regularly for many years and heard many good things about, but had never actually been in.

The place is pretty retro, but has a fantastic atmosphere and very friendly staff.

In haste, we opted for a medley of starters of home made Hummus, Tzatziki, Taramasalata and grilled Halloumi, served with toasted pita bread. You might see on the left, a bottle of Retsina, a Greek wine that matures in barrels made of olive wood. It has a distinctive herby and olive taste and is totally delicious. I last had this in Barcelona a few years ago and this was just as good!

For my main, I went for Sheftalia: Home made mince, rolled with herbs & spices, charcoal grilled. Refreshing and satisfying, this tasted just like Greece on a plate!

Nina went for Chicken kebab: Pieces of marinated chicken breast, skewered & grilled. I have it on good authority that this was also very good, however, I was too busy chowing on my own plate of greek grub!

Overall, The Dartford Greek Taverna Restaurant was a great value way of getting a quick fix of delicious Greek grub. We will have to go back there for a more drawn out experience of delicious greek food!



So it is one of those unfortunate evenings when you do not have the time or energy to put together a culinary masterpiece, what do you do?

A recommendation is to give Ebly a go. This tasty stuff can easily fill out a meal of quick and easy food such as some roasted vegetables and meats.

We had it with some home made curry and simple veg. It is a brilliant alternative to rice and couscous and is perhaps even better when cold!

Ebly is fairly hard to come by and only a few Waitrose stores stock it, but if you ever see it around, get yourself a box and perhaps this will become a staple of your kitchen cupboards too!

Curry Time


I adore spicy food. Being Asian I often felt out of place at school when other children would have chicken dippers and chips for dinner and I would have aloo gobi and chapatis. I now appreciate curries very much and often find myself craving a good spicy curry.

Whilst curry houses can produce very meals, Mother Somal has taught me how to make authentic curry from scratch. Healthy and super tasty, you really cannot beat it (even if I do say so myself).

The basic recipe for any curry:

  1. Fry onion, garlic, ginger and finger chillis in oil or butter until brown
  2. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes
  3. Add tumeric powder and garam masala, this begins to thicken and is now your curry base
  4. Add your meat or veg of choice (chicken, cauliflower and potato, chickpeas, aubergine, marrow – curry anything!)
  5. Cook through, add hot water if the mixture gets too dry and season with salt and additional spices to your taste
  6. Eat and enjoy