Patty and Bun

As you have probably guessed, we love burgers. We were told by some foodie friends of ours that Patty & Bun, in London (near Bond street) is THE place to go for burgers. So off we went…

There is always a queue outside Patty & Bun, a table for two on a Wednesday evening was a 45 minute wait, were salivating, deciding what to get and eagerly awaiting our burgers.

The inside is very small, the place probably only seats around 35 people, it has a very ‘cool’ vibe. It was extremely busy, we got a little bench table which was fantastic.


On the recommendation we went for the ‘Ari Gold’ burger, a delicious looking cheese burger with a brioche bun and Patty & Bun mayo. We also ordered rosemary fries which were fantastic, I love chips and these were no exception – I would happily have eaten buckets of them. The burger was somewhat disappointing. Don’t get us wrong, it was great, a fantastic burger. We were expecting the best burger we had ever had and it wasn’t that. We were lucky enough to have a ‘Street Kitchen’ burger at a food festival last week and that was AMAZING.


Friends of ours that have frequented Patty & Bun think that perhaps we just had a bad evening, all restaurants have them. The burger was good and we would probably give it 7/10. Definitely go and try Patty & Bun, if you do, be sure to order the chicken wings, they are sensational.


Homemade Burgers

We love burgers. Not those nasty things from Burger King and the like, but sumptuous, delicious and juicy, tasty gourmet Burgers. You might have read us rambling on about Byron before, but this time, we wanted to give burgers a try in our own kitchen.

Ingredients (for 5 burgers)

  • 500g good quality mince
  • 1 diced onion
  • 2 crushed garlic cloves
  • Salt and Pepper to season
  • 1 egg
  • You could also add your choice of things to make these burgers your own, we recommend either chipotle paste, sun dried tomatoes, jalapenos or if you are feeling really adventurous, put the cheese in the middle and build the mince around it!


  1. Put your mince in a mixing bowl ad add some salt and pepper, break the mince up a little
  2. Add one finely sliced and diced onion
  3. Add finely chopped garlic
  4. Add the egg
  5. Add any other ingredients you wish to and combine the mix all together, add more salt and pepper
  6. Now get your hands in there and shape the mix into a burger shape as shown in the photo below
  7. Once you have made your burgers cook them, we used a frying pan and did about 3-5 minutes each side, you could use a barbecue or grilling machine! We prefer medium-rare
  8. Add cheese and allow it to melt, we chose roquefort
  9. Serve in a bun with aioli, ketchup, lettuce, tomatoes and red onion
We had ours with a medley of other goodies that you can see in the main pic up top. What I can personally recommend with these burgers, is a play on the traditional Cheese Burger, with the addition of some roquefort cheese. It adds a whole new dimension to the flavour and I can also suggest that you crumble some on whilst they are finishing off in the pan so that it starts to melt.


Burgers are delicious. I am not talking about Mc Donald’s crappy ‘meat’ patties, I mean real thick gourmet beef burgers.

We have sampled many, Gourmet Burger Kitchen have a fantastic and delicious variety of burgers but we were recently introduced to Byron and although there is much less variety than GBK, the burgers are outstanding! So tasty, I have no idea how they do it. We recommend the Blue Cheese burger with skin on fries.

We have now made it our mission to sample London’s burgers and blog about them, keep salivating….

Couldn’t help but add this one in, this is the Chaser Burger from the Chaser Inn. As good as it looks!