Between courses

It has been a while since anything has been posted, and we are sorry. Not to make excuses, but we have been rather busy and unfortunately, the posts about our daily foodie frolics have gone dark.

We are slowly moving back to a ‘regular’ existence now that should have plenty of time in it to post on the internet about food. It is reassuring to know that there are people out there who do actually read this as we have been featured in our local paper!

Foodie fame

So here is to the frolics to come! We have plenty up our sleeve.


1 thought on “Between courses

  1. Hey, when did you get a Herman? I had one earlier this year and it was fun at first and then a tad tedious towards the 10th day. The cake was good but I reckon I could have made one just as good with less hassle. Well done you guys for getting published.

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