Golcar Lily

The Golcar Lily is beautiful pub and restaurant in the rolling hills above the Yorkshire Town of Huddersfield. We were fortunate enough to spend quite some time here this week and enjoyed soaking up the relaxed and tranquil atmosphere the town of Golcar had to offer.

Not to be too distracted by the breathtaking views, the at the Golcar Lily is a local and regional favourite for a good reason. You really cannot beat sitting with a beer and looking over the hills, there are even cows – a rare sight for us Southerners.

Nina went with a fairly standard Beaf in Blackbean sauce stir-fry with rice, but this somehow managed to stand out. Deep oriental flavours came from this seemingly humble dish. Chinease food can so easily be got wrong and be left too bland or too highly flavoured, this was perfect and tasted like a homemade dish.

Mine was Crispy Belly Pork on a bed of Creamy Onion and Sage Sauce. The pork was cooked to near perfection and the sauce was a simple triumph of what can be done to add to the flavours of delicious locally sourced pork belly.

All of this was served up with traditional vegetables and rice for the stir-fry.

What can not be understated is the ambience of this place. In front of me was a delicious plate of food and to my left, the most breathtaking view, looking out over Huddersfield (somewhere down there anyway)

If you in the area, you must pop in to sample some of this local goodness and revel in the atmosphere.


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