Dartford Greek Taverna Resturaunt

It was a Friday afternoon after the pub and we had a school theatre performance to get to that evening. Time was short and we needed something local to sate us for the evening ahead. A friend of ours had a taste card that that gives her and friends up to 50% discount in many local and independent restaurants, and one of these was the Dartford Greek Taverna restaurant. This is a local place I have passed regularly for many years and heard many good things about, but had never actually been in.

The place is pretty retro, but has a fantastic atmosphere and very friendly staff.

In haste, we opted for a medley of starters of home made Hummus, Tzatziki, Taramasalata and grilled Halloumi, served with toasted pita bread. You might see on the left, a bottle of Retsina, a Greek wine that matures in barrels made of olive wood. It has a distinctive herby and olive taste and is totally delicious. I last had this in Barcelona a few years ago and this was just as good!

For my main, I went for Sheftalia: Home made mince, rolled with herbs & spices, charcoal grilled. Refreshing and satisfying, this tasted just like Greece on a plate!

Nina went for Chicken kebab: Pieces of marinated chicken breast, skewered & grilled. I have it on good authority that this was also very good, however, I was too busy chowing on my own plate of greek grub!

Overall, The Dartford Greek Taverna Restaurant was a great value way of getting a quick fix of delicious Greek grub. We will have to go back there for a more drawn out experience of delicious greek food!


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