The Dirty Habit

We were in the area of Leeds Castle for a meeting, and of course searched around for somewhere to grab some lunch. We had heard of The Dirty Habit on the grapevine and have frequented some other locations of the Elite Pubs group with great admiration for the atmosphere, food and picturesque locations of these foodie pubs.

Inside is as cliché British pub as you could hope to find, there are bits of dead animals on the wall and the whole ambiance draws you into the fantastic atmosphere that would be welcoming to any hungry foodie, whether it was a bright sunny June day or a freezing, dreary and generally horrible… June day.

I was torn between the Burger and the Steak Sandwich, but my Love for brie got the better of me and I went for the Steak, Somerset brie, caramelised onions Sandwich. It changed my life. The picture says everything I ever could about how damn delicious this thing was!

Nina went for the less interesting Fish finger sandwich with tartar sauce. This was nothing compared to the steak in my humble opinion, but a fine mid-day feast none the less.

Both sandwiches were served on a delightful wooden serving board with sumptuous chips and a side salad.

We also opted for a Pea, broad bean & pea shoot salad to accompany the tasty tasty lunch. This was a refreshing and contrasting accompaniment to the heavy sandwiches.

As per usual, I went for a Black Coffee afterwards to round off, but the coffee gets a mention here because of the home made Madeline that came with it. This is a shocker as the biscuits that normally come with Coffee are the lowest of the low, but this was a very pleasant surprise!

If you are in the area of The Dirty Habit, you must give it a go! Reviews pending on the other of the Elite Pubs, but rest assured, they are all top quality foodie dwellings.


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