The Woolpack Inn

We do love a good pub lunch and we were tantalised by The Woolpack Inn when watching BBC’s Our Food about Kent. We were in the area (Romney Marsh) one Sunday and we thought we would give this quaint little pub the once over.

It was a beautiful day when we were there and we had lunch in their little garden. Inside is like a time warp with ceilings about five foot high and flooring that has been battered for what looks like hundreds of years.

A true traditionalist, I went for the classic Ploughmans lunch with everything. You can’t really go wrong with a Ploughmans, but this was still delicious!

Nina went with a more adventurous helping of roast beef off of the specials menu. This is what The Woolpack Inn is famous for, locally sourced beef and potatoes. I stole most of this off of the plate and it was just like a mouthful of Britain’s best!


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