Mexican from Benito’s Hat

We had been traipsing around London all day and that time had come to refuel. It was a fairly bleak and dreary day in London, so spicy food was pegged as something that could give us a bit of a lift.

We came across Benito’s Hat in Covent garden that looked appealing and we just had to give it a try. Being fans of mexican street food from the likes of Wahaca, Chipotle (NYC) and Chilango, we were interested to see how this compared.


To start, we had some delicious Tortilla chips with Guacamole and some kind of fiery sauce that was perfect for getting us in the mood for some spicy spicy mexican food. I am a fan / harsh critic of Tortilla chips and I would have to give these a strong thumbs up for the texture, freshness and accompanying dips.

What else could you have on a maiden visit to a Mexican restaurant? We had a Burrito each, I went with Pork and Nina went with the Chicken. Simply delicious.

To wash all this down, there were 2-4-1 cocktails on offer that day, so a Hibiscus and Tequila cocktail complemented the salty and spicy food just right.

To sum it up, Benito’s Hat was a delicious and good value Mexican meal, just right for that little pick me up at the end of a day of shopping in gross weather.


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