New Forest Cider

Apart from Dirty Martini, one of our favourite places to drink in London is at the New Forest Cider stand in Borough Market.

They serve up a plethora of different ciders to take away or to have in, and what an experience it is. In cups made of vegetable starch, they serve up Dry, Medium and Sweet Cider along with a range of Perry and sparkling ciders and Apple Juice.

Their Dry is the best cider I have ever had.

They sell beautiful bottles of the sweet sweet (and by sweet I mean dry, VERY DRY) nectar that are perfect little presents, or you can simply get 2 pints in a milk bottle to take away.

Any time of day, if you are in Borough Market, grab a pint! In the winter months, they serve up mulled cider that quite simply is life changing. It is also the perfect cure for the onset of any cold and flu symptoms that might come your way. I speak from experience.


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