Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini is probably one of my favourite cocktail bars in London. It now boasts two locations, one in Covent Garden and one in Hanover Square. Covent Garden has become a regular starting point for us when we go out for a good old fashioned knees up.

The ambience is fantastic, in fact, despite us usually being a little worse for wear, the decor allows me to retain an element of sophistication. If you are going in a large group, it is probably worth booking a booth in advance.

Being frugal foodies, we do like to keep our eye out for a bargain and Dirty Martini’s Happy Hour is real value for money, just £4 for a super delicious and suitably alcoholic cocktail! I would definitely recommend the Mango and Chilli martini (I think it also counts as one of your five a day) or the Cherry Blossom Martini. If you like a Dirty Martini then you will love this place, to me it tastes and smells like a smelly armpit but to lovers of Dirty Martini’s, I am told this is one of the best!  Don’t just stop there, if your up for it I would recommended sampling as many of these bad boys as you can.


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