The Guildable Manor

Borough Market should be a favourite spot for any foodie, however one of the main problems you may face is what to buy for lunch! With so much on offer ranging from burgers, falafel wraps, Jamacian curries and beyond, one can be spoilt for choice…

Despite usually being put off by the large queue, we decided to queue up and try the grilled delights The Guildable Manor had to offer, and we were not disappointed. The Guildable Manor offer high quality baguettes and promise to use local and seasonal produce. Marinated halloumi, chicken, beef, lamb and game are all on offer and the homemade sauces are a delicious accompaniment, I love the harrisa, salsa verde and aioli.

At just £4.80 for a huge baguette (they are filled SO well), we think this is some of the best value for money food available at Borough Market and it is no wonder the place is so popular. We have tried the halloumi, chicken and lamb baguettes now and have been deeply satisfied afterwards and often end up craving more the next day.

So don’t be put off by the queue, it moves really quickly and just shows how good the food at the end is!


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