Soho Coffee

There are few things in this world as wonderful as a good cup of coffee. The Soho area of London is famed for its cafe culture, and when looking for a quality cup of the black stuff, Bar Italia normally comes top of the list. We however have tasted this, and while it is a decent enough offering, we think there is better.

Algerian Coffee Stores is a delightful little coffee boutique on Brewer St, Soho, that draws you in with the amazing smell bellowing out the door of freshly ground coffee. Inside there is an even richer smell to get you in the coffee mood.

You can buy a huge range of different coffee related products here, from the roasted beans themselves to cafetière and of course, delicious fresh coffee to take away.

For a mere £1, you can have a cup of what I believe to be some of the very best coffee I have ever had.

It comes piping hot in a small cup and if you like A* coffee from a place with some of the best customer service you can enjoy, then you simply can’t pass up on a cup if you are in the area (honestly worth the trip, even if you are not).


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