Quick Japanese

So you are out in a shopping center and you need something to eat. Generally, shopping centres are not known for their culinary offerings but in recent years there have been a few reputable chains popping up around the place serving delicious freshly cooked food to a high standard, and at a reasonable price.

One of these is Wagamama. We have been fans of this place for a few years now with restaurants in London and a few seemingly random locations around the british isles. The food on offer is Japanese inspired dishes, catered to british palates and portion sizes.

The restaurant was featured on Masterchef a few years ago as a place for the contestants to test their skills, so it gives you some idea of the kind of stuff leaving the kitchens.

Above, you see my meal from the other day, Chicken and Prawns Cha Han which is stir-fried rice with chicken and prawns (or alternately with fried tofu), egg, mangetout, mushrooms, sweetcorn and spring onions. served with a side portion of miso soup and pickles that you can see around the bowl. For under £8, all this is a delicious, filling and very well prepared meal.

The better half is rather partial to Chilli Men consisting of stir-fried chicken, courgettes, red onions, peppers, mushrooms and mangetout in a spicy tomato chilli men sauce, served on soba noodles. And, as with much food that she gets through, is allegedly a brilliant hangover aide…

So if you are looking for a quick and tasty fix, Wagamama comes highly recommended!


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