The Foodies Festival

We like to keep our eyes peeled for any food and/or drink related events so The Foodies Festival almost seemed like it was made for us. Despite the rain, we enjoyed a fantastic VIP day with fellow foodie friends at the festival in Hampton Court Palace Gardens.

We started the day with a train breakfast of tasty pastries from Bourough Market where we stopped off on the way there, fruit and bucks fizz.

The regulars of South West trains appeared to be rather confused by this.

We did not know what food to try first but after sampling some of Jamie’s Italian‘s pulled pork, we decided to go for this. Served with potatoes and sala verde, it was absolutely delicious. You know when you eat something really tasty and then the next day you keep thinking about it? Well, I have that right now and NEED the pulled pork in my life again soon.

We sampled many delicious sausages, wines, beers, ciders, cheeses and a multitude of other delicious treats whilst pottering around the various stands, these were some of our favourites:

Any spice lover will fall in love with Chan Cham’s hot pepper sauce, I like it on burgers or with home made potato wedges. This is also a great hangover buster.

Purbeck Ice Cream was absolutely delicious, the honeycomb and berries and clotted cream flavours were divine, creamy and so satisfying. However, the ice cream war winner has to be Kent’s own Simply Ice Cream. The ice cream is delicious, the honeycomb ice cream is so good that every other ice cream you try thereafter will be insignificant.

Kamm and Sons is a delicious gingseng spirit, a healthier alternative to usual spirits, it contains ginseng, echinacea, goji berries and manuka honey. We enjoyed this in cocktail with beetroot juice, I like to think we were cleansing as we became increasingly more intoxicated.

As VIPs (in name only) we enjoyed the use of the VIP tent which in fact was a Yurt, something akin to a Mongolian circus tent maybe? In here we spent a few hours during the day to act as base camp to sample our wares away from the great british weather.

Of note amongst the delights we enjoyed in the Yurt was Chapel Down Flint Dry. We are seasoned fans of Chapel Down wines and this being on offer at the festival was too good to pass up. A dry white that tastes of the fresh Kent countryside where it is produced (well worth a visit to the vineyard!).

We then enjoyed a demonstration from a pro barista about how to make ‘healthy cocktails’. These were a series of concoctions made from unusual ingredients that were aimed at replenishing the devastation that nights in a cocktail bar can have. We really rated using beetroot juice as a mixer, who says we cannot have our cake and eat it?

Thankfully this demonstration was interactive and we had a generous sample of whatever the stage maestro put together.

By this time all perception of time and space had vanished and I think we even forgot about the rain! We started drawing the day to a close with a sumptuous Korean BBQ while other members of the party enjoyed a Moroccan medley. This was all washed down with a bottle of Casillero del Diablo, a delicious full bodied red Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Foodies Festival was a fantastic and fun day out, the samples were plentiful, we would definitely recommend going if you can!


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