Lockhart’s Gin

We were lucky enough to sample a new gin at The Foodies Festival that is waiting to be released on the market called Lockhart’s. Marketed as a ‘Gentle gin with a hint of Scottish raspberries’ and made in creator Stephen Marsh’s kitchen, we found it delicious.

This is a gin for people who say “I’m not really big a fan gin”. With a lovely vintage style bottle, this refreshing gin is ready to compete with Hendrick’s and totally trumps Bombay Sapphire. Hendrick’s has long been our gin of choice as we love its refreshing cucumber aftertaste, it works so well in cocktails. However, Lockhart’s gin also has a delcious and refreshing flavour, the raspberry undertones would work well in any cocktail and could even reinvent a summer fruit cocktail or trifle.

I know at this point you are all ready to go out and purchase this delight to fill that gap in your liqour cabinet. Alas, this gin is not available in shops yet and may not be for at least a year, so keep your eyes peeled! We cannot wait to get our hands on a bottle.


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