On a dire, dank and dreary Sunday afternoon we fancied something spicy. It had been bottoms up the past two evenings and we decided on Wahaca as the cure to our ailments. We have eaten here before, and were impressed by the great value, authentic and ever so tasty Mexican street food on offer.

Wahaca is the brain child of Thomasina Miers, winner of Masterchef in 2005 and fanatic advocate of Mexican Street food.

We started off with simple tortilla chips and salsa. These chips hit the salty cravings and the course salsa with plenty of coriander was both delicious and refreshing. This washed down with some sparkling water had us well on the road to recovery.

Then the medley of street food started arriving…

The Frijoles was amazing, it is rich, creamy black beans cooked twice for flavour, and flavour it had in abundance with just the most amazing texture.

Here is the Frijoles again at the back with its sweet potato wedge and chicken wing friends. All lasted only minutes. It is amazing what seasoning can do to what you would think to be simple foods.

Spicy slaw was spicy.

Delicious black bean Tostadas topped off with Lancashire cheese, perhaps this is fusion?

So we left sated, sober and oh so very satisfied with what was very tasty mexican street food meal. There are not that many Wahaca restaurants around, but they are growing in numbers fast! Check their site to see if there is one near you! You wont be disappointed.


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