Quick and Easy Blackberry Cheesecake Pots

Last night we were invited to an impromptu evening of food and wine with our fellow foodie friends. Off to Sainsbury’s we went to purchase a multitude of goods to barbecue that evening including; halloumi, aubergine and asparagus to compliment the lamb that was the main event. I was asked if could think of any deserts we could prepare quickly. I felt the pressure one does when making food for foodie people and rapidly began scanning the shelves of Sainsbury’s for inspiration.

I eventually decided on adapting a basic cheesecake recipe. To make the puddings pictured above you will need shortbread biscuits, mascarpone, orange curd, an orange and some blackberries. I measured everything by eye, just judging what I thought would work so feel free to take this artistic approach too!

  1. Bash the shortbread biscuits until they resemble breadcrumbs, melt a little butter and mix this in with the shortbread and put at the bottom of your ramekins or desert cups
  2. In a mixing bowl add mascarpone, orange zest, a little orange juice and some orange curd and beat until all mixed in, spread on top of your biscuit base
  3. In a saucepan heat some blackberries, sugar and juice from the orange and stir until the blackberries begin to cook and release juice
  4. Pour your blackberries on top of the mascarpone, it should look like the picture above or probably better as my presentation generally sucks
  5. Chill until you are ready to devour

If you are as lucky as we were last night, this is a great light desert to finish an evening of Pimms, olives, bread, cheeses, meats, vine leaves, crisps, barbecued lamb, cous cous, asparagus, tomatoes, halloumi, aubergine and wine.


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