Sublime and ridiculous Sainsbury’s wine

Not being immense wine nuts ourselves, we still do know a good glass bottle when we have it. Not out for flavours with deep notes of moon rocks or hints of hens teeth, we will usually stick to something on offer in the supermarket or wine merchant at around the £4 – £7 mark as a guide, unless it is for a gift or we know what we are after for some kind of special occasion. In true british cliché fashion, the rule of thumb for us is reds in the winter and whites in the summer.

Always on the lookout for value (who isn’t), we were delighted to see that Sainsbury’s recently introduced a fairly extensive range of house wines that are aggressively priced. Having tried all of them, we can safely say that they are spectacular everyday drinking.

Our particular favourites are the Montepulciano red and the Soave white (this comes in 1.5L bottles for an amazing £6.69, perfect for drinking with friends at the weekend, or if we are feeling destructive).

Another brand that Sainsbury’s have been touting over the past few years is their basics range. This usually means products with the most basic packaging and corners cut somewhere in the production process with a price to match. We have however been thoroughly impressed in the past by some basics products, such as the mozzarella balls, these are made from cows milk (the cut corner) and are just basically delicious!

However, having sampled dirt cheap win in Rome at the end of last year and being very impressed with it’s crisp, clean flavour, we thought we would try the newly introduced Sainsbury’s basics red wine. It is only 50p cheaper than a bottle of House Montepulciano and comes in a plastic bottle. Mid way through a boozy night, we tried some of this and can cut right to the chase and say that it tasted like glue with a fairly strong hint of pepper.


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