Barista Style Instant Coffee

Work can be dull sometimes, especially when the weather is as dire as it is at the moment in the UK. I find light relief and escapism comes from a tasty beverage, often from the fantastic coffee machine we have on-site, but this week I was in the market for something new. I picked up a pack of Nescafé Azera from Sainsbury’s at the weekend as it was on offer and thought I would give it a try.

The promise of ‘Barista style instant coffee’ was intriguing and I was eager to be transported off to a side street in Rome amidst my working day. This was not the case.

I had given up instant coffee a while ago after not being able to shake the comparison to dust made by a dear Canadian colleague in the Summer. I was hoping this would be a solution to tasty instant coffee, but alas, it was only marginally better than I remember standard Nescafé to be.

Back to the grind it is then.


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