Tea at Fortnum and Mason

Any British foodie should be aware of Fortnum and Mason. Fortnum’s is a London department store famous for its high quality food and hampers. At Christmas time we often search the shelves for perfect presents for friends and family, ranging from their delicious teas, coffees, shortbread, chocolate and jams.

Fortnum and Mason is also home to four restaurants and a wine bar, we opted for the poor mans option and had lunch in The Parlour which boasts a varied menu ranging from ice cream sundaes, cocktails, open sandwiches and cakes. I went for an open chicken and tarragon sandwich and Toby gorged on a swiss cheese and mushroom melt. As pictured above, both were delicious and at around £7, well worth the money.

We washed the sandwiches down with some loose leaf tea, I went for green ceylon and Toby had an afternoon blend, both were delicious. Being a big tea drinker, I loved the whole experience from pouring your cup from the beautiful silver tea pot to tasting the delicate floral notes. Following the delightful lunch in The Parlour we both fancied something else….

Our greedy goblin eyes had spotted a pistachio eclair in the patisserie on the ground floor. Pistachio is one of my favourite flavours ever, when I eat pistachio nuts I often find I cannot shell them quickly enough to get them into my mouth at the necessary speed. We took the eclair with us in a box but ended up getting as far as the church just up the road from the store where we sat and began feasting on our bounty. Oh….my….science…I find it hard to articulate quite how much I enjoyed that pistachio eclair. You know when you eat something SO good that afterwards you cannot stop thinking about it? The sad thing is whenever we have been to Fortnum’s recently they have always sold out, so if pistachio is your thing I suggest you get there early for a real tasty treat.


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