M25 Wine

After dropping into a Ducati garage for boring non-foodie trivials, we were making our way home when we saw signs for a Vineyard that we had never heard of just off of the M25 in Surrey. Being fans of English wine and a keen interest in visiting vineyards, this was something we couldnt pass by on, literally.

Into Godstone Vineyard we went to find a rustic throw back to the 80’s shop and a cheery lady behind the counter who invited us to sample some of their wines. Three were on offer, a dry, medium-dry and a rosé. The samples were rather generous in quantity and we had a good taste of all three. I have to say that it was not the best wine I had ever tasted as there was a bitterness to all of them, however, it was more than palatable and you could taste the locality of the batch. The bottles have labels that look like they had come straight off an ink-jet printer which I thought was brilliant, as it gave the wine a very local and non-commercialised feel.

Although we did not fall in love with the wine, we did love the quaint little vineyard. It was established in 1985 and only sells wine on site. No deliveries, so you know any of the 3000 bottles produced each year have passed through the same check-out. We took a bottle for a summers day, and can recommend that if you are in the area, popping in for at least a tester is highly recommended.

The vines on the banks of the M25


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