Pho, the Perfect Hangover Cure

When we have been drinking in abundance (most weekends) and we wake up feeling we have been hit by a bus, we know there is one thing that can clear our muzzy heads, Pho noodle soups.

Pho Cafe is a Vietnamese London based chain restaurant offering a range of tasty and nutritious Vietnamese dishes. It feels cleansing, the perfect January detox food and amazingly soothing for any cold or hangover.

Despite being a carnivore, I often opt for the delicious vegetatian option at Pho. I like to start with veggie summer rolls and sweet chilli dipping sauce and then move on to a hot and spicy tofu and mushroom noodle soup.

Given that I am usually trying to get over the night before when visiting Pho, I find the flower teas both beautiful to look at and deliciously refreshing to drink. The prices are very reasonable, around £4 for a starter and £8 for a main.

The next time you feel you need to ‘clear your head’, you know where to go, PHO. Was the rhyme too much? I think so….


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