Bloody Mary

Not one for spirits myself, I usually opt for a more nutritious option when that time of the evening rolls around where grab hands lunge at the liquor cabinet. Yes, the simple classic Bloody Mary is my cocktail of choice. To make it my way:

  1. Fill about 1/8th of a class with premium vodka (Smirnoff Black or Stolichnaya are superb)
  2. Drop in a few ice cubes
  3. Top up with Tomato Juice (Regular supermarket branded stuff usually does the trick as I find the branded lot a bit too overpowering)
  4. Stir in a little Horseradish sauce to taste
  5. Add a splash of lemon and/or lime juice
  6. Stir, stir and stir again
  7. Add a few drops of Lea and Perrins sauce
  8. Dunk in a big fat stick of celery

Drink and eat the celery as you go. Amazing.


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