Medieval Banquet, Tower Bride

Most of our weekends revolve around food and drink in some way. If we are not at a restaurant, we have friends over for dinner or go to a gathering, when I see events that combine food and entertainment, I get a little excited. A group of us decided to try the Medieval Banquet at St Katherine’s Dock, London.

It is around £10 to hire an outfit which I highly recommend, initial drinks are pub prices. The meal is very average and nothing to write home about, the menu:-

Soup and bread
Cold Meat and pate
Roast Chicken and potatoes
Fruit Flan

The entertainment however was great, my hands ached from pounding the table asking our wench for more mead and ale (which is unlimited throughout the meal). Tickets are around £50, be sure to look for offers. So if you fancy a different night out with friends then we would definitely recommend it!


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